List of Other Publications

Other Publications

1.  Training-cum-Awareness programme on Protection of Plant Varieties and Farmers' Rights Act, 2001

2. Souvenir and Abstracts of National Symposium on Self-Reliant Coastal Agriculture

3.  Seminar on Ecosystems and Biodiversuty : Goa perspective- Souvenir.

4.  State level Seminar on New Challenges in Cashew Production under the Current trends of Climate Changes :  Proceedings and   Recommendations.

5.  Spices Production Technology

     Price : Rs. 100/-

6. Agro-Eco - Tourism

     Price : Rs. 250/- within India

                  $50    - other countries


7. National Seminar on Coir Pith Composting & use of geo textiles, March 17th 2012, Lecture Notes , ICAR  

    Research Complex for Goa

8. Nutritional Interventions for Sustainable Dairy production in Goa. Proceedings of State level Workshop for

    Veterinary Officers and Progressive Dairy Farmers. 2010. Editors  - Naik, P.K. and Singh,N. P.

9. Memoirs..... Journey of ICAR Research Complex for Goa to Central Coastal Agricultural Research Institute
10. Silver Jubilee Celebrations (1989-2014) - Souvenir
ICAR-CCARI Calendar - April, 2015 to March, 2016

Hindi Magazine (Pragya)

1. - (2012)
2. लहरें - (2021)
3.  वार्षिक प्रतिवेदन - (2021)


1 Microbial diversity and its applications - Editors, S. B. Brabuddhe, R. Ramesh and N. P. Singh
2. Handbook on Freshwater Aquaculture by Dr. N. P. Singh and B. Santhosh
3. Coastal Agricultural Resource Inventory: An overview and way forward