Horticultural Science




Dr. V. Arunachalam

Principal Scientist

(Horticulture) &



Marker express 1.0 software developed to locate RAPD/ISSR primers & design iSCAR primers. It was validated using expressed sequences and published polymorphic RAPD primers on oil palm. DG-MAP software was developed for locating RAPD and SSR priming sites and to work out the distance between the priming sites. It was validated using genome sequence of cucumber. .............more

Dr. A. R. Desai

Principal Scientist




Management of genetic resources  of horticulture crops for conservation  and utilization in crop improvement programmes, with special reference to fruits, plantation crops and spices. Development of improved production practices for fruits, plantation crops and spices with special reference to  mango, cashew ,  ................. more


Dr. (Ms.) Mathala Juliet Gupta

Senior Scientist

(Agri. Structures and
Process Engineering)



  • Greenhouse Engineering

  • Modelling and Simulation

  • Food Safety

  • Research Findings..............more

Dr. Shripad Bhat

Senior Scientist

(Agricultural Economics)


·         Price analysis

·         Impact analysis

·         Econometric analysis, time series analysis


Dr. Chaudhari Ganesh Vasudeo


(Vegetable Science)


  • Germplasm acquisition/collection, evaluation, utilization for vegetable improvement

  • Underutilized vegetables.... more