Crop Science

Crop Science

Dr. Manohara K. K.

Senior Scientist

(Genetics & Plant Breeding)


Section in-charge

Rice breeding.  Development of Mapping populations.  Marker Assisted Selection. Team member in the development of aerobic rice variety ARB-6 (Anagha), released from University of Agricultural Sciences, GKVK Bangalore.. ..............more

Dr. R. Ramesh

Principal Scientist

(Plant Pathology)

My research area is management of plan diseases of economic importance. I am working on biological control of plant diseases using antagonistic bacteria for the last 10 years and I study bacterial diseases of crop plants especially on R. solanacearum for the past 5 years.   ..............more


Dr. Maruthadurai. R

Senior Scientist

(Agricultural Entomology)

Management of insect pests through Bio control agents. Semiochemical studies of natural enemies and integrated pest management. Studies on insect pest of cashew and their management. ..............more