ICAR-CCARI’s invention “Nutmeg Taffy” gets Patent

ICAR-CCARI’s invention “Nutmeg Taffy” gets Patent


ICAR-CCARI’s invention “Process for preparing Nutmeg Taffy and resultant food product thereof” gets Patent

The invention “Process for preparing Nutmeg Taffy and resultant food product thereof” invented by Dr. A. R. Desai and team of the ICAR-Central Coastal Agricultural Research Institute, Goa has been granted Patent No. 528119 (Application No. 201621012414, dated 8th April, 2016).



      Nutmeg is an important spice crop of India which is mainly grown for nutmeg seed and mace. After collecting these economic produces, farmers often leave behind nutmeg pericarp in the garden for rotting. Nutmeg pericarp has nutritive values and accounts for 80-85% of the fruit by fresh weight. ICAR-CCARI, Goa has developed a novel product - Nutmeg Pericarp Taffy for effective utilization of nutmeg pericarp. This product stores well at room temperature for about 12 months with simple packing without any synthetic preservatives. Using this technology, farmers can earn an additional annual income to the tune of Rs. 5,600 per tree, apart from the yield of nutmeg spice products. The product is simple, does not require costly equipment and is commercially acceptable. This technology has been commercialized twice with M/s Tanshikar Spice Farm, Netravali, Goa and also with Goa State Biodiversity Board, Goa. The potential beneficiaries of the technology include farmers, agri-entrepreneurs, self-help groups, small and medium-scale food industries and agro-ecotourism centres. The Institute Technology Management Unit of ICAR-CCARI, Goa facilitated the filing of the patent application.

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