Dr. Gokuldas P. P.    Senior Scientist (Animal Reproduction)


                                                                                    Address: Animal & Fishery Sciences Section,

                                                                ICAR - CCARI,               

                                                                Old Goa 403 402                                                               

                                                                Email: Gokuldas.PP@icar.gov.in




Academic background:

Ph. D from ICAR-Indian Veterinary Research Institute, Bareilly, U.P. (2015)

MVSc. from ICAR-Indian Veterinary Research Institute, Bareilly, U.P. (2009)

BVSc. & AH from Kerala Agricultural University, Thrissur, Kerala (2007)



Research interests and current focus

  1. Female animal reproduction, reproductive biology, andrology and frozen semen technology

  2. Evaluation of reproductive efficiency; development and refinement of technologies to optimize reproduction of farm animal genetic resources in the coastal ecosystem

  3. Development of reproductive management tools and strategies for sustainable livestock production in coastal region

Outreach and Extension

  • Development and popularization of packages and practices for farm animal production and scientific reproductive management of animal resources

  • Training and extension services to farmers, entrepreneurs and academicians about reproductive technologies and scientific reproductive management

  • Popularization of technologies and scientific livestock farming practices in the coastal region

  • Involvement in STC, SCSP schemes, Consultancy services and mentoring of agri-business incubatees

Membership in professional societies

  1. Life member, Indian Society for Study on Animal Reproduction (ISSAR) 

  2. Life member, Indian Society for the Study of Reproduction and Fertility (ISSRF)

  3. Registered Veterinary Practitioner, Kerala State Veterinary Council (KSVC)

  4. Life member, Agricultural Research Service Scientists Forum (ARSSF)

  5. Member, Indian Society for Advancement of Canine Practice (ISACP)

  6. Member, Loris Nature Club and Blue Cross Society, Thrissur

  7. Member, Association for Coastal Agricultural Research, Goa (ACAR)

  8. Member, The Indian Science Congress Association (ISCA)



Awards and honours


  1. ‘Best Young Scientist Award’ in the International Symposium organized by Indian Society for Study on Animal Reproduction (ISSAR), Dec-2009, Veterinary College, Namakkal, Tamil Nadu

  2. Outstanding Participant award in the ICAR-sponsored Winter School on “Advances in reproductive technologies to augment fertility in farm animals” held at Division of Animal Reproduction, IVRI, Izatnagar from 1-21st November, 2011

  3. ‘Best Poster Award’ in the National Conference on ‘Opportunities and Strategies for Sustainable Pig Production’, ICAR-NRC on pig, Guwahati, 20-21st December, 2014

  4. ‘Best oral presentation award’ (Co-author) in the International Symposium organized by the Society for Conservation of Domestic Animal Biodiversity & TANUVAS during 13-14th February, 2015

  5. ‘J.N. Pandey Memorial Best poster award’ (Co-author) in the National Symposium on Physiological Innovations to Forecast the Impact of Climate Change and evolve Strategies for Sustainable Livestock Production, Veterinary College, Bidar (21st-22nd December, 2017) 

  6. Elsevier Reviewer Recognition Certificate from the International peer-reviewed Journal of Animal Reproduction-Theriogenology, Society for Theriogenology, USA (2021)

  7. ‘Best Poster Presentation Award’ in the International Conference on Smart Agriculture for Resource Conservation and Ecological Stability held virtually during 29-30th October, 2021

  8. Member of the Research Team conferred with the Best AICRP-IFS Centre Award during 2020-22 by ICAR-IIFSR, Modipuram

  9. Dr. C. M. Singh Award for the Best Ph.D Scholar of ICAR-IVRI (2015-16), Bareilly, U.P.

  10. ICAR-CCARI Best Scientist Award-2022  



Research Publications


     International Journals


  • Gokuldas PP, Singh SK, Tamuli MK, Naskar S, Vashi Y, Thomas R, Barman K, Pegu SR, Chethan SG, Agarwal SK. (2018). Dietary supplementation of n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid alters endometrial expression of genes involved in prostaglandin biosynthetic pathway in breeding sows (Sus scrofa). Theriogenology; 110:201-208.

  • Gokuldas P.P., Krutika R. Shinde, Sajan Naik, Amiya R. Sahu, Sanjay K. Singh and E.B. Chakurkar (2023). Assessment of diagnostic accuracy and effectiveness of trans-abdominal real-time ultrasound imaging for pregnancy diagnosis in breeding sows reared under intensive management. Tropical Animal Health and Production. 55:239, pp: 1-6.

  • Gokuldas, P.P., Tamuli, M.K., Mohan, N.H., Barman, K. and Mahapatra, R.K. (2015). Farrowing response and piglet viability following Cloprostenol-induced farrowing in Duroc sows with prolonged gestation. J. Applied Anim. Research, 43(2), pp: 153-156.

  • Gokuldas, P.P., M.C. Yadav, H. Kumar, A.K.S. Tomar, S. Mehmood and G. Singh (2010). Resumption of ovarian cyclicity and fertility response in bull-exposed postpartum buffaloes. Animal Reproduction Science, 121: 236–241.

  • Chakurkar, E. B., Sahu, A. R., Naik, S., Kumar, H.C and Gokuldas, P.P. (2021). Genetic evaluation of growth and reproductive performances of crossbred pigs reared under intensive system in tropical coastal climate. Tropical Animal Health and Production, 53(2), 243, pp: 10.

  • Paramesh, V.; Sreekanth, G.B.; Chakurkar, E.B.; Kumar, H.C.; Gokuldas, P.P.; Manohara, K.K.; Ramdas Mahajan, G.; Rajkumar, R.S.; Ravisankar, N.; Panwar, A.S. (2020). Ecosystem Network Analysis in a Smallholder Integrated Crop–Livestock System for Coastal Lowland Situation in Tropical Humid Conditions of India. Sustainability, 12, 5017, pp: 1-16.

  • Paramesh, V., Parajuli, R., Chakurkar, E.B., Sreekanth, G.B., Kumar, H.C., Gokuldas, P.P., Mahajan, G.R., Manohara, K.K., Viswanatha, R.K. and Ravisankar, N. (2019). Sustainability, energy budgeting, and life cycle assessment of crop-dairy-fish-poultry mixed farming system for coastal lowlands under humid tropic condition of India. Energy, 188 (116101), pp: 1-13.

  • Prasad J.K., R. Islam, M. Murugan, Gokuldas P.P., B.K. Binsila, P.Perumal, H. Kumar and G.K. Das. (2012). Relieving of dystocia due to ascetic fetus by siphoning fetal peritoneal fluid in buffalo. Theriogenology Insight: 2(2): 87-92.


National Journals

  • Gokuldas P.P., M.K. Tamuli, N.H. Mohan, K. Barman, and N.R. Sahoo (2015). A comparative analysis of reproductive performance in different pig breeds reared under intensive management systems of sub-tropical climate. Indian J. Anim. Sci., 85(9): 1042-1045.

  • Chakurkar E.B., Amiya R. Sahu, Gokuldas P.P, S. Banik and S. Naik (2023). Phenotypic attributes and production performances of Agonda Goan pig. Ind. J. Anim. Sci.,93(7),734-740.

  • Udharwar S.V., Unnikrishnan M.P., S.S. Nair., L.M. Philip., R. Varghese., Ramankutty S., Jose N., Gokuldas P.P., S.K. Venugopal and John Martin (2022). Evaluation of Pinhole Castration Technique compared with Traditional Method of Castration in Piglets. Indian Journal of Animal Health. DOI: https://doi.org/10.36062/ijah.2022.14122

  • Paramesh V, Chakurkar EB, Bhagat T, Sreekanth GB, Chetan Kumar HB, Rajkumar S, Gokuldas PP, Mahajan GR, Manohara KK and Ravisankar N. (2021). Impact of integrated farming system on residue recycling, nutrient budgeting and soil health. Indian Journal of Agricultural Sciences, 91 (1): 44–8.

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  • Barman K, Konwar D, Banik S, Girish Patil S, Gokuldas PP, Thomas R and Rajkhowa S. (2018). Effect of supplementation of Azolla (Azolla carolini) meal on performance of crossbred (Hampshire x Ghungroo) pigs. Indian Journal of Animal Nutrition, 35(4):469-472

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Books, book chapters

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Databases, software, portals, apps

  • Buffalo Breeding Expert 2.0-A Web Application that helps farmers to effortlessly plan calving and weaning care management by tracking accurate calving and weaning dates with an expert system on scientific buffalo farming


ENA/NCBI Gene Sequences/Accessions

  1. Sus scrofa partial mRNA for microsomal Prostaglandin E Synthase-1 (mPGES-1)- LT594963.1

  2. Sus scrofa partial mRNA for Prostaglandin F Synthase (PGFS gene)- LT594964.1

  3. Sus scrofa partial mRNA for Carbonyl Reductase 1 (CBR1 gene)- LT594965.1

  4. Sus scrofa partial mRNA for Estrogen Receptor 1 (ESR1 gene)- LT594966.1

  5. Echinococcus granulosus cytochrome c oxidase subunit I (COI) gene- MF062485