Dr. V Arunachalam    Principal Scientist (Horticulture)  & Section in-charge (Horticultural Science)






                                                                                Address: F-8, Horticulture,


                                                                Old Goa 403 402

                                                                Email: v.arunachalam@icar.gov.in , arun.ceo.innovations@gmail.com








Academic background:

Ph.D. Horticulture- Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi, 1996

M.Sc Horticulture- Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi, 1992


PG Diploma (Bioinformatics) –Bharathiar University, Coimbatore, 2004


B.Sc.(Horticulture)- Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore, 1990


Online course in Bioinformatics- S*consortium of eight universities around the world-2004


Certificate course in Intellectual property rights – WIPO-2005


Research interests and current focus

Marker express 1.0 software developed to locate RAPD/ISSR primers & design iSCAR primers. It was validated using expressed sequences and published polymorphic RAPD primers on oil palm. DG-MAP software was developed for locating RAPD and SSR priming sites and to work out the distance between the priming sites. It was validated using genome sequence of cucumber. The software successfully mapped the known and predicted markers closely linked to F locus.). (Horticulture Fifty three germplasm accessions of tubers, vegetables and ornamental crops were collected from Goa. Six accessions of Noni were collected from of Goa. One out of 12 amaranthus accessions showed no infestation of root knot nematodes. Blue, yellow and red crossandra accessions conserved for utilisation. Konkan lemon a seedless variety was established well in coconut as mixed crop. Aksaya an ornamental sweet potato variety was developed, 5000 cuttings of the variety was distributed. Experiment of high density dwarf arecanut established.



Outreach and extension

  • Planting material of Konkan lemon, Barbodos cherry, marigold and vegetables were distributed

  • Seeds of improved varieties of vegetables were distributed to farmers of tribal villages in Canacona.

  • Areca leaf plate making machine was popularized and six units were handed over to tribal self help groups

Membership in professional societies        

  1. International Society of Noni Science

  2. Horticultural Society of India

  3. Indian Society of Plantation Crops

  4. Indian Society of Plant Physiology

  5. Association for Coastal Agricultural Research, Goa

Awards and honours

  1. Recipient of award as one of top 45 innovations of India Innovation Growth Program 2014 of DST-Lockheed Martin-Stanford Graduate Business School-IC2 Institute University of Texas at Austin-IndoUS Science and Technology Forum-TIE-FICCI.

  2. Recipient of NAIP Fellowship for undergoing the International Training on Allele mining at Molecular Cytogenetics Lab of Prof JS (Pat) Heslop-Harrsion, University of Leicester, UK) WRKY transcription factors and  NBS-LRR resistance genes in  Banana during  1 Oct to 23 Dec  2013.

  3. Associate Editor-Agriculture –Open access books Program (Versita Publishing, Poland) 2012-13.

  4. Vice President (Bioinformatics Club for experimental scientists) Bioclues www.biolcues.org (2011-12)

  5. Member Editorial Board, International Journal for Computational Biology 

  6. Research supervisor at Kannur and Calicut and Mangalore Universities India

  7. Associate Editor-Agriculture –Open access books Program (Versita Publishing, Poland) 2012-13

  8. Recipient of IISc(Indian Institute of Science)-(DBT (Department of Biotechnology) India postdoctoral fellowship to work at ICRISAT (International Crops Research Institute for Semi-Arid Tropics) Patancheru with Dr Kiran K Sharma on tissue specific gene promoters (2006-2008).

  9. Recipient of Outstanding team award of ICAR New Delhi (V. A. Parthasarathy; P.M. Kumaran; M. J. Ratnambal; A Karun; V. Niral; V. Arunachalam; A Upadhyay) for the biennium 1999-2000 for the work on coconut germplasm.

  10. Member Editorial Board Journal of Food, Agriculture and Environment (WFL Publishers) Finland (Oct 2017 on wards).  

 Academic/ Student advising

Research Publications


  • Paramesh, V., Kumar, P., Parajuli, R., Francaviglia, R., Manohara, K. K., Arunachalam, V., Mayekar, T., & Toraskar, S. (2023). A Life Cycle Assessment of Rice–Rice and Rice–Cowpea Cropping Systems in the West Coast of India. Land12(2), 502. https://doi.org/10.3390/land12020502

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Databases / Softwares

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