Name : Metapenaeus affinis

Common Name : Sungta
Class : Malacostraca
Order : Decapoda
Family : Penaeidae
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Rostrum armed with 8 to 11 teeth along entire dorsal margin, slightly sinuous and reaching from proximal to distal margin of third antennular article, or exceeding it; postrostral ridge ending near posterior margin of carapace; adrostral crest ending behind second rostral tooth, and adrostral groove a little behind epigastric tooth; branchiocardiac ridge slightly sinuous and reaching posterior extension of hepatic spine; telson armed only with spinules; ischial spine on first pereopod present or absent.


Maximum length: 16.5 cm (TL); common length: 10-14 cm (TL) 


Feeds on algae, benthic detritus and small crustaceans.


Marketed mostly fresh and frozen; also canned, peeled and cooked, sundried or as paste or shrimp meal


Trawl, gill net, cast net, drag net